A look over Kazakhstan

With a surface of almost twice the European Community and with resources proportional to this surface, Kazakhstan is an economic but also a cultural power. Its president Nursultan Nazarbaiev is conscious of both. Energic and positive character, he knows the value of his country and of his population and, in the event of participation in a widened European Union or with any other economic union, it will not be satisfied with a folding seat. He can cope as well with the United States as with its two powerful neighbors, China and Russia. This last has problems to justify and Nursultan Nazarbaiev intends well to take advantage of its rights, specially in the case of Ili river.

At the Soviet time, Kazakhstan was regarded as a waste bin state. Nuclear tests were carried out underground and the atmosphere without holding any account of the population living there. The disaster of the Aral Sea is to be added to that. And let us not forget Baïkonour. It is not to develop Kazakhstan that the Soviets installed their spacial base there but well to not expose themselves to the dangers of launchings of engines using toxic fuels and oxydizers. What did not succeed its placing in orbit inevitably fell down on the ground.

Today Kazakhstan has much to offer to the investors but these last must be very careful especially concerning the oil fields. If the layers of the interior of the country do not present many risks, the same does not apply for those located near the Caspian Sea where the coast line of rather undefined. But the richness of Kazakhstan is not limited to hydrocarbons. Kazakhstan produces fifty of the elements of the table of Mendeleïev in the form of pure metals, special alloys or chemicals. Kazakhstan has ninety percents of the tungsten world reserves. The country offers also great possibilities of investments in the touristy field.

In addition to the dangers represented by the changes of Caspian sea level, the investors must hold account of a very important factor : the existence of a rich culture very important for Kazakhs. They don’t feel this culture as a nationalism but they want to preserve a cultural heritage and to support all that can emphasize this heritage. The Kazakhs should mistrust investors who would come in Kazakhstan like in aconquered country. Their wandering past made Kazakhs free adventurers and indépendants. Nobody will never have to forget it.

If eighty percents of the country are covered by deserts, the twenty remaining percents offer a sample of about all the climates. Moreover, the desert itself is not deprived of charm.

Aqtau is called the pearl of the Caspian. In fact, with its wall of glas and steel buildings, it resembles extremely Miami and it is rather the back country which is interessant with the desert and the very picturesque rock formations. With its centenaries houses, Fort Shevchenko seems a village of Western but lacks furiously of infrastructure. In both cases, the presence of the oil researchers draws the prices upwards.

The not polluted part of marsh of the back country is a paradise for the lovers of fauna in the wild state but also, unfortunately, that of the fishermen, the hunters and even of poachers without scruples.

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