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salt in an infernal pot.

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The Caspian Sea being a closed lake, water can escape from it only by evaporation. If we limit this evaporation, its level thus will increase. It was made in 1978.

In the Sixties and Seventies, like sadly known Aral Sea, the Caspian saw its level decreasing and some were alarmed. The Caspian had more chance than its sister Aral because, not only the ecologists, but also the army worried about his fat.

In order to facilitate the navigation of their military navy in the Caspian Sea and in particular in the delta of Volga near Astrakhan, the Soviets came to two decisions. First, they carried out the dream of engineer Alexeiev by continuing the development of the ekranoplanes, these machines that some called the monsters of the Caspian. Then, they decided to stop the drying up of the Caspian Sea and, still better, to increase its level.

Riparian of the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan is the second hottest place of Earth. In Kara Bogas Gol, a bay of the Caspian Sea, the water was really very hot and evaporation was there the strongest. The Soviets separated the bay from the Caspian by a dam. Ceasing entering Kara Bogas Gol, the water of Caspian ceased thus evaporating there. 14 km³ water were saved per year and the level of Caspian started to increase.

But the happiness of the ones can make the misfortune of the others. The marines are happy and, at the beginning at least, the ecologists were it too. Just as Turkmens who produces salt and halogens. The others are much less: the Iranian and Azeri beaches are flooded as well as the coastal area of Kazakhstan. Pipelines are torn off and pollution is alarming. At the east of Astrakhan, one attends with the first terrestrial oil slick. In Turkmenistan, the peninsula of Cheleken became an island and the majority of the houses are flooded.

But it is not the most alarming. In 1998, yielding to the pressure the different dissatisfied people, Turkmen president Saparmurat Nyassov, nicknamed Turkmenbaši ,or chief of Turkmens decided the destruction of the Kara Bogas Gol dam. In front of the TV cameras and surrounded by his people, Turkmenbaši, a colourful character, gave the first blow of pickaxe to the so much disputed building. Once the Kara Bogas dam destroyed, the water of Caspian returned again in the bay and evaporated there. But in spite of that, the sea level continued to increase. The scientists tell about local or global climatic modifications but actually, nobody has the least idea as for the origin of this alarming phenomenon. Considerable funds will be devoted to its study but to even suppose that one can explain the phenomenon, it is not very probable that one have the smallest possibility of acting on him. Planetary ingeniery is not yet available.

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