Bureau J.J. LOUIS
Liersesteenweg, 6

eMail : jj.louis@eurasia21.be
RICT Tirana

With a more than thirty year experience, the Bureau J.J.Louis developed a huge know how in chemistry and in industrial electronics and informatics. Pioneer of the use of microprocessors as soon as 1973, and thanks to a valuable help from Hewlett-Packard and Intel, the Bureau J.J. Louis realized and built a computer assisted Gas Liquid Chromatograph (GLC) for its own use. For this application the bureau wrote its own assembler and developed a compiler for a GLC oriented language.

Next, the Bureau J.J.Louis will be oriented to the UNIX machines, mainly the legendary Apollo workstations and next the IBM RS/6000 and to the Power and PowerPC CPUs. Till now, the GLC remains a model and is still often used as trial bank for hard- and software developments.

The considerable experience acquired thanks the conception and the upgrade of this prototype was the starting point of new applications in the most varied areas. Among them we shall tell only about the most famous :

  Data acquisition and presentation for EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraphy)  
  Automatization of the HVAC of a public building  
  Automatization of a solar plant  
  Conception and construction of a vehicle simulator for the training of handicapped drivers.  
  RTW oriented CAD  
  Optimization of the cutting of carpets  
  Desk Top Publishing with PostScript generator  
  Control of Luri et Fisher-Tropsh reactors for the production of synthetic oil from coal
  Quality control for a pneumatic production unit  
  Participations to PHARE and TACIS programs of European Union  
  Technical quality control of the emissions of a radio and TV public network  
  Study of arsenized waste recycling to produce LEDs  
  LASER telemetry  
  Control of the agressivity of drink water  
  Production of a set of 13 TV emissions about the environmental problems of Central Eurasia  
  Application of mobile telephony to accurate localisation and acces control  

Hewlett-Packard and Apollo wrote four pages in
WorkStation Magazine
about Bureau J.J. LOUIS and its realizations.
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